Charlotte Cut Czech 013 Seed Beads

What are Charlotte Cut 013 Seed Beads

Charlotte cut seed beads are known as the “Cadillac of seed beads” among bead enthusiasts, and they can be difficult to find.

Charlotte cut seed beads are known for their one cut facet. These beads are made of glass and although they originally only came in one size (size 13/0), they are now made in a variety of sizes.

Charlotte cut seed beads were first used in France around 1847 for the garment trade. Although the origin of the name of the bead is unknown, it is rumored that the name was attributed to Charlotte, the daughter of Peter Francis Jr. These beads were originally created in Venice, Italy; Lyon, France; and Gablonz, Bohemia (now Jablonec, Czech Republic), though it is said that the beads were actually made in Venice and Lyon and then sent to Gablonz to be faceted.

Currently, the only European seed bead manufacturer now in existence is Ornela, located outside of Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic, where most of the Czech glass bead industry is located. Ornela is the world’s largest seed bead factory, and makes all the Czech charlotte cut seed beads that are available today. For some reason Charlottes are difficult to get. Why this is the case is a mystery, because Charlottes are very popular.

Charlottes were originally only made in size 13/0. Other sizes are available today.

Technically only 13/0 are Charlottes, all the rest, (11/0, 15/0, 8/0 and 6/0) are called one cuts or true cuts.